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 Legit MM list (read)

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Legit MM list (read) Empty
PostSubject: Legit MM list (read)   Legit MM list (read) EmptyMon May 21, 2012 12:30 am

Tired of scamming bums? Keep them away with Legit known MM.
Send scammers running in the other direction when you mention
these MM: Gamertags Listed to Insure your SAFETY!

Im not sayin these are the only legit MM, If you feel you should
be on the list, send me links to vouches, and I will get back to you.
We need all the help we can get to clean these forums up.

Also be on the look out for imposters of this list,
if their GAMERTAG is anything other than list below
do not trade.Check the user who pms you if he claims to be on this list, it is your resonsibilty to protect yourself.

Warning signs of imposters

- Silver account on xbox live
- Low post count on EA Forums
- Low Gamer score

1st Tier MM

PureChargersFan------GT: PureChargersFan
JoshuaStone13------GT: JoshuaStone13
Nick_Diaz187------GT: Beastinyou24 7
codexavellum------GT: At0mNHisPackage
HKK AirWolF ------GT: HKK AirWolf
Efektive93------GT: Efektive93
Rocketz------GT: Rocketz
Tay Swiftt------GT: Tay Swiftt
Marino1384------GT: Sae Phi Alpha 9
Moneyyy7------GT: Ymcm 7
Buhfalo------GT: Buhfalo
Connorheaney------GT: AMob Of Orphans
daraidernation1------GT: Daraidernation
CJH411 ------GT: Cjh411
TonyB132334------GT: Tonyb13
batman101266------GT: Batman 10126
ExiStenTialWaR------GT: Existential War
asomugha24------GT: Francks21
Nate Dawg8583------GT: Nate Dawg8583
Hahzard------GT: Z Hahzard
FreeeEarl------GT: FreeeEarl OF
Traww1212------GT: Traww1212
amuncy00------GT: RamXnation
wesswoody916------GT: WessWoody916
SteviePrime------GT: Stevieprime
ColonelLiingus------GT: CoLoNeL LiiNguS
GuCCiTimE94 ----- GT: antozac
XBuckNastyX915------GT: XbucknastyX915
djpeterson1028 -----GT: djpeterson1028
MrJonesy515------GT: MrJonesy515
Kuchamps39------GT: KU CHAMPS39
JJmastakilla------GT: JJmastakilla
OakRaiders228------GT: OakRaiders228
BuddahSmash83------GT: Buddahsmash83
packsfan90 -----GT: xhighlander55x
xKILLxFRENZYx------GT: XkillXfrenzyX
dryfly11------GT: dryfly11
AlbinoRhino72------GT: AlbinoRhino72

2nd Tier -Use Them Too!

Robbie798------ GT: Robbie798
Tysim19------GT: tysim19
FNKY_ASSASIN------GT: ll SaINtS9 ll
mschweitz27------GT: Mschweitz27
Bucs4life15------GT: XxBarbierixX
JOKHLO------GT: getpwnd777
UGC Gursimran------GT: UGC Gursimran
LlamaB0y217------GT: xPackersxFan217
BigBTheBoss86------GT: Bigbtheboss86
HowiFeltursnach------GT: xXcGilmer18Xx

Dont be afraid to tip your MM, anything is fine
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Legit MM list (read)
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