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 This is the Real Beans N Melon

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PostSubject: This is the Real Beans N Melon   Sun Jul 29, 2012 4:50 pm

Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Just so everyone knows, this it the real beans n melon. I do not know who created this site or took it upon themselves to create accounts for us, but know that they are not the real beans n melon. If you need further proof of that feel free to send Melon or Beans a PM on Mut Evo and we can confirm that we are the real people and not the ones that are posing to be us. They are impostors. We had never even heard of this site until someone contacted us on XBL to check if it was the real Beans and Melon on this site. Please stop using our names to further this site. This is not right and we do not care to be associated with this website. You may also contact us at our real GT Beans n Melon. That is all that I have to say.
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This is the Real Beans N Melon
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